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Another Fever

Yesterday afternoon E started running a temperature at daycare. They gave him medicine but his temp did not go down. Amy picked him up, brought him home and give him two Popsicles as well as dinner but it didn't help. At around ten o'clock I went in to give him medicine and found he had diarrhea and a temp of 102. We started monitoring him and he seemed in high spirits.

Around 1:15am this morning we have him some more medicine but his fever was not going away. At around 1:30am we heard strange noises from his room and went to check. He had gone into seizure, yet again. We called the on-call doctor who suggested calling 911 because the seizure had gone on for a little longer than before.

The ambulance yet again made its way to our house and transported E to our hospital. This time, since it was late at night, there was little fan fare for our neighbors as sirens were not used while approaching our house and only four vehicles responded. We were calm this time as we had gone through this before and are assured by everyone that it causes no damage or long term effects on our little guy.

We arrived back home at around 4:15am and as you can imagine we were all exhausted. We now have medicine to give E if/when he goes into another seizure that can hopefully prevent us from calling 911 again. We are told to call 911 if the seizure seems to be lasting too long. I expect us to get to know our local EMT's real well, and since they keep asking me for E's social security number after they transport him, Amy and I are going to have to seriously memorize it.

As I had mentioned earlier, we were calm this time, and I don't think we will just "get used to it" but we really hope he doesn't do this every time he gets a fever. The good new is that the fever has nothing to do with his ears. They are clear of fluid and not infected. (Yeah! NO TUBES! -yet) The bad news is that they think he has the Rota (sp?) virus which is causing the diarrhea and fever.

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