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2013 Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas to our families and friends!  This time of year is one of our favorites…the Christmas lights, music, white snow, warmth by the fireplace, time with family, and the celebrations surrounding the birth of Jesus.  Christmas is a small wor

2012 Christmas Letter

Another year is coming to a close!  We can hardly believe how fast time flies.  We had a great year in the Kluck household.  We are all enjoying our new house, always adding and organizing things.  Amy’s dad built us a deck last spring and we have al

Time Capsule

When installing our flag around Memorial Day I found out our porch pillar was hollow, perfect for a time capsule. This past weekend we completed getting things together for it and I put it inside the pillar ready for the year 2042. I made sure to sep

Connect Four

My son and I were playing Connect Four and got into a disagreement over what four in a row means. He doesn't think it needs to be a straight line and can be "L" shaped. I told him I knew the rules as I had been playing since I was his age. He replied

Teaching value of money

Our son, E. who is now five, had a twenty dollar bill to spend so we went to the toy store. After looking through all the aisles he finally found something under twenty dollars that he wanted. To teach him how money disappears from our pockets we alw

2011 Christmas Letter

Dear Family and Friends, What an exciting year 2011 has been! We have been so blessed. Here are some highlights in no particular order: For the last several years we’ve mentioned Chad was studying hard and we are happy to finally announce he complet

2010 Christmas Letter

Dear Family and Friends, We hope this letter finds you happy and thankful for all the blessings you have this Christmas season. We sure cannot believe another year has come and gone! It appears the “older” we get, the faster time goes. We must first

And he has no hair!

I was enjoying my McRib, and my son was enjoying his nuggets, when he pointed to a customer at the counter in McDonald's. "Dad, he looks like you!" I looked over and didn't see anyone who reminded me of myself. "He has your jacket!" I then pinpointed

3 Quotes Today

E was putting on his shirt this morning and came to me saying it was broken. I glanced over the buttons and they were all there. "It's not broken," I said. "Yes it is, look." He lifted up the side showing me the triangular cut where the seam ends at

Two Memorable Sayings in One Day

Today, when Amy picked up our son from daycare, she was told that while the kids were sitting around in a circle, they were each asked to share what made them special. When it was E's turn, he responded, "Jesus!" Later, when he and I were driving bac

Early Up, Early Out

Today and yesterday E has had a great zeal for getting up in the 6 o'clock hour and pushing Chad to get ready so he can go to his friends' house (daycare). He even wants to get out of the door before Amy is out of bed. The trip to Nebraska must have

Easter's Coming

E's already practicing both finding and hiding eggs. It is hard to imagine that soon we will have yet another influx of candy in our household. We still have a few Christmas Kisses and Valentine's candy left. I have a feeling much of this will be goi

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