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Welcome to toddlerville!

Gosh, it seems like it's been forever again since I've taken the time to blog. Between being a mom, wife, housekeeper and teacher, I sure find very little time for all of the extras that life has to offer. I decided that it was time I come on here an

15 Months Old

It's Saturday night. E is sleeping, Chad is working on Master's homework, so I decided I'd take the time to add an entry. E is now 15 months old and as the daycare says, he's "Mr. Investigator." He wants to see, touch, and play with everything! His f

Another Fever

Yesterday afternoon E started running a temperature at daycare. They gave him medicine but his temp did not go down. Amy picked him up, brought him home and give him two Popsicles as well as dinner but it didn't help. At around ten o'clock I went in

Weekend Scare

I'm emerging from a hectic 14 days of grad project and final studies, UST Board of Trustees presentation prep, final AITP meeting of the semester, and various other work projects. Amy is counting down the days to the end of school, scheduling E's app

Dairy Farm

Today we took a trip up to Forest Lake, MN, to visit a new dairy farm. The Autumnwood Farm just started dairy production and had an open house. E enjoyed looking at the animals and Amy and I enjoyed learning how they process milk. We sampled some cho

Hello, Again

I had to cut that last entry short as E was crying. Anyway, as E has been busy saying new words (He just said "Outside" earlier this afternoon meaning he wanted to go out) I have been busy trying to recapture our last year of memories. The day after

Short Hello

Well, this is just a quick, hello, from our family. E is saying a few words like "Hi" "More" "All Gone" "Puppup" (dog) "PaPa" (Grandpa) "Da" (Dad), "BaBa" (Bubbles) and the like. He will once and a while pick up a video game joystick and play around

New Phrases

Well, E's vocabulary is growing every day and he is now adding common phrases like "Help Me" and "I don't like that." Yes, that's right, a four word phrase. He has also now mastered "I like that." We don't know when he learned "I don't like that" but

Cook and organizer

Since Thursday, when the new kitchen set for E arrived at our house, our little boy has been busy putting food in his oven, refrigerator, on his stove, and dumping out and sorting his food and dish bin. It has been amazing watching him immerse himsel

E's almost two!

Wow, can you believe that our little guy is almost two? It is absolutely amazing to me to think about how fast two years can go! I haven't blogged in so long about our little guy, that I've decided I need to sit down right now and type...so here I go

Sleeping in a big boy bed

Our new mattresses came on Saturday and since he doesn't have a bed yet, we just put his on the floor in the corner. Tonight is the second night he fell asleep on it and if it is anything like last night he should sleep the whole night through, which

E released from ER

We are back home now after E's first febrile seizure in about a year. We had made it through infections, colds, and even pneumonia, but the cause for his fever is unknown at this time. It occurred during nap at his daycare. Amy was called at work, an

Where to start?

Once you get out of the habit of something, it kind of feels like getting back into it seems like a lot of work. And then when you think about starting again, you have so much to catch up on that it overwhelms you. Well, that's what happened with thi

Ba Ba Black Sheep, Yes sir yes sir

This is his favorite song right now. He will be sitting down on the floor, playing by himself and start singing it, usually just these 6 words, but we get what he's saying.

E's sentences

I was recently asked how much E was talking. Well, I E-mailed this reply back: Oh, yes, he is a little chatter box. He picks up new words and phrases every day it seems. He has a favorite song that he can sing about one verse of (Five Little Ducks).

Lay down

We got back from the lake tonight, E had his bath, a late night snack of grilled cheese and finally headed to bed around 10:15pm. Considering the excitement of the last few days of being at the lake, the amount of energy he had stored from his early

Early Up, Early Out

Today and yesterday E has had a great zeal for getting up in the 6 o'clock hour and pushing Chad to get ready so he can go to his friends' house (daycare). He even wants to get out of the door before Amy is out of bed. The trip to Nebraska must have