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Another Fever

Yesterday afternoon E started running a temperature at daycare. They gave him medicine but his temp did not go down. Amy picked him up, brought him home and give him two Popsicles as well as dinner but it didn't help. At around ten o'clock I went in

Weekend Scare

I'm emerging from a hectic 14 days of grad project and final studies, UST Board of Trustees presentation prep, final AITP meeting of the semester, and various other work projects. Amy is counting down the days to the end of school, scheduling E's app

E released from ER

We are back home now after E's first febrile seizure in about a year. We had made it through infections, colds, and even pneumonia, but the cause for his fever is unknown at this time. It occurred during nap at his daycare. Amy was called at work, an

2010 Christmas Letter

Dear Family and Friends, We hope this letter finds you happy and thankful for all the blessings you have this Christmas season. We sure cannot believe another year has come and gone! It appears the “older” we get, the faster time goes. We must first