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I've moved back into my office

I am exhausted. I moved back into my office today after they installed the carpet. We each had to put a diagram on our door to let the movers know where the furniture went. We were told that if we wanted to re-arrange our office, this was the time to

Boy or Girl?

We had the final ultrasound today and thought we would show you the pictures! We decided not to tell anyone right away and let people figure it out for themselves. (Just to make it fun!) We never did get around to trying all the wives tales. Maybe ne

Nursery Finally Cleaned Out

We have finally cleaned out the nursery. All that remains is baby’s stuff and some networking components. Anyone need some cables, a rack mount hub or switch? I’ll probably eBay them all as one since they didn’t sell individually last time. I have ha

Video of Our Little Guy Smiling

Video: Our Little Guy Smiling (Windows Media File - 1.5 MB)

First Steps

Last night after trying to teach our little guy to "roll over," Amy was allowing him to stand up (with her help) and he decided to come over to me, by taking a few steps! Amy was holding him up, but he was putting one foot in front of the other all b

Dairy Farm

Today we took a trip up to Forest Lake, MN, to visit a new dairy farm. The Autumnwood Farm just started dairy production and had an open house. E enjoyed looking at the animals and Amy and I enjoyed learning how they process milk. We sampled some cho