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2013 Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas to our families and friends!  This time of year is one of our favorites…the Christmas lights, music, white snow, warmth by the fireplace, time with family, and the celebrations surrounding the birth of Jesus.  Christmas is a small word…but one that changed the world forever!

2013 was a good year for our family in so many different ways.  We continue to be blessed with our families and their presence in our lives.  We enjoyed spending time at the cabin up north this summer.  Campfires, mini golf, fishing, boating, and ice cream are some of our favorites up there.  We also continue to enjoy “Survivor nights” with them as well.  This summer the three of us went down to Nebraska for a weekend to spend time with Chad’s extended family.  We sure wish E. had all of those kids to play with here in Minnesota for family gatherings. The three of us are looking forward to going to see the Vikings play in December.  Even though their season hasn’t been the greatest, we’ve got to sneak one more football game into the Metrodome before it’s knocked down. This will be E.’s first Vikings game, so he’s pretty excited!

E., Mr. Comedian, is now in first grade and he loves it.  It’s amazing!  We certainly can’t believe how fast time has flown.  It seems like not too long ago I was able to rock him to sleep. Thankfully he still likes to snuggle. He absolutely LOVES school this year, and I credit his teacher.  She has such a passion for kids and E. LOVES her!  He has become a reader, writer, and math thinker.  My favorite is when he sits and reads me a story…with expression!  He continues to stay active…playing with numerous neighborhood friends, taking ice skating lessons, and took swim lessons and t-ball this summer as well.  He also participates in Cub Scouts and had A LOT of fun selling wreaths and popcorn to family, friends, and neighbors.  Thank you to all who bought.

Chad, Mr. Project Developer and Completer, continues to do various projects around the house…inside and out.  He truly does amaze me with his handyman skills!  Thank God he has the talent because we all know I do not.  He installed exhaust fans in the bathrooms, did some major landscaping projects outside, and continues to wire our house electronically. It’s been so fun seeing Chad use his dad’s tools and machinery in “the shop” and seeing his creations.  He is definitely his father’s son. Chad also participates with Ethan in Cub Scouts as chair coordinating a banquet.  He continues to work at St. Thomas...and has really enjoyed coordinating graduation plus the inauguration for the new University President.  He celebrated 11 years there now and truly does feel St. Thomas is a part of his identity and who he is.

Amy, Mrs. Social Planner and Task Master, is in the middle of her 13th year teaching.  She continues to enjoy the connections she’s making with students and their families and enjoys “running into” several former students who are now working, in college, out of college, and even married!  It’s pretty amazing she has taught nearly 800 students!  She also continues to participate in a Bible Study/Book Club made up of about 15 neighborhood gals.  She’s made lots of great connections with the gals, and is so thankful God planted our family in the neighborhood.  During down time, Amy has a new obsession…Candy Crush.  If you haven’t played it yet, DON’T!!

We pray this letter finds you and your family happy, healthy, and full of God’s peace and love this Christmas season.

-The Klucks

Chad, Amy, & E.

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