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Merry Christmas!

We haven't had time to put a whole bunch of our usual Christmas stuff up here like pictures and the letter. Both Amy and Chad are in graduate programs and with their full time jobs this Web site has been put aside. Merry Christmas, From: Chad, Amy, a

Happy Holidays!

Well, within a few weeks we will have a new addition. Amy and I are done working until January 2nd (unless baby comes over break). I've been trying to sleep, but can't seem to get well rested. Amy says "Clean, clean, clean before baby arrives!" but I

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! The Easter bunny came to our house early today! At around 8 am Amy went down to check to see if the holiday rabbit had come yet and sure enough, he did. I was entertaining our little guy on our bed when Amy called up stairs say


Halloween night would be past his bedtime, so we took him out to Great Grandparents Larsen and Arntson and Grandpa and Grandpa Arntson last weekend. We dressed him up as the Pillsbury Dough boy and he had so much fun! Amy's Aunt Nancy made the costum

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Dear Family and Friends, Merry Christmas! We hope this letter finds your family happy, healthy, and full of the Christmas spirit. As we reflect on this past year, one letter comes to mind: E! We sure can’t believe our little boy, who arrived on Janua

St. Patrick's Day on KUST

St. Patrick's Day is next Monday, which happens to also be a day that I have the KUST studio all to myself between 10 and noon, so I figured I'd celebrate BIG! I'm "taking" the studio to Chicago in order to bring the listeners the sounds of St. Patty

Easter's Coming

E's already practicing both finding and hiding eggs. It is hard to imagine that soon we will have yet another influx of candy in our household. We still have a few Christmas Kisses and Valentine's candy left. I have a feeling much of this will be goi

2010 Christmas Letter

Dear Family and Friends, We hope this letter finds you happy and thankful for all the blessings you have this Christmas season. We sure cannot believe another year has come and gone! It appears the “older” we get, the faster time goes. We must first

2011 Christmas Letter

Dear Family and Friends, What an exciting year 2011 has been! We have been so blessed. Here are some highlights in no particular order: For the last several years we’ve mentioned Chad was studying hard and we are happy to finally announce he complet

2012 Christmas Letter

Another year is coming to a close!  We can hardly believe how fast time flies.  We had a great year in the Kluck household.  We are all enjoying our new house, always adding and organizing things.  Amy’s dad built us a deck last spring and we have al

2013 Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas to our families and friends!  This time of year is one of our favorites…the Christmas lights, music, white snow, warmth by the fireplace, time with family, and the celebrations surrounding the birth of Jesus.  Christmas is a small wor