Kluck Family

2012 Christmas Letter

Another year is coming to a close!  We can hardly believe how fast time flies.  We had a great year in the Kluck household.  We are all enjoying our new house, always adding and organizing things.  Amy’s dad built us a deck last spring and we have all really enjoyed being able to spend many summer days and meals on it.  We are so grateful for Rick’s skill and hard work. It’s beautiful!

We are very thankful for Rita, Chad’s mom, helping to get Ethan off to school, his lunches made, care after school, and dinner meal planning.  It takes something off of our plates for the time being, and we appreciate it. As usual we also spent time up at the lake, where Amy’s parents own a place.  We all love going up there to enjoy good food, fishing, fires, family, and fun!

Chad went his first full year since pre-school without attending classes, however, he didn’t skip out on studying or exams. In April he renewed his MetroSkywarn training to again become a trained storm spotter, and in June he completed the Technician exam for his Ham Radio license. He was able to pick out his own call sign, KØRRX, which signifies his love of trains. Chad has reorganized the shop in the garage, planted a garden in our yard as well as a ton of flowers, installed adjustable shelving in the closets, and has even occasionally escaped these household projects to go volunteer at the Jackson Street Roundhouse restoring train cars.

Amy continues to teach third grade.  She can’t believe it’s already her 12th year teaching!  She has a wonderful class this year and enjoys having a student teacher again this year.  Her former student teacher ended up getting a job at her school so,  Amy enjoys being able to continue to see her each day.  Amy also is participating in a Bible study group with several women neighbors.  It has been such a blessing for her to get to know these wonderful ladies!  A highlight of Amy’s year was being able to go to a Vikings game and they actually won!  She hadn’t been to a game since childhood so she really enjoyed herself.  Amy lost her first grandparent on November 25th. It was hard to see Grandma go, but Amy knows she’s with Jesus now, free from all pain and anxiety.

E. is now in Kindergarten!  There are days when we look at him and think “Who are you?”  He’s gotten so tall, so much more mature, and definitely more independent.  E. has learned so much already it amazes us!  We bought him a lofted bed with a built in desk, cabinet, and shelves in November.  It’s his favorite right now, as he builds a fort underneath and writes stories.  He asks us how to spell words and gets busy writing them.  The stories are adorable!  It’s so fun for Amy to see E.’s literacy world growing.  Thank God for teachers to share their love for learning:)  E. also enjoys playing with his numerous neighborhood friends, riding his bike, and building with Legos.  He is quite the builder just like his dad and Papa.  He participated in T-ball this year, which he absolutely loved and can’t wait to do it again!  And he learned how to swim this summer!  No more life jackets in the water, just goggles and dive sticks!  He’s almost six and is getting his first 6 year molar.  He makes us laugh and he knows it!

We hope to hear from you this Christmas season!

Love, The Kluck Family

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