Kluck Family

2011 Christmas Letter

Dear Family and Friends,

What an exciting year 2011 has been! We have been so blessed. Here are some highlights in no particular order:

  1. For the last several years we’ve mentioned Chad was studying hard and we are happy to finally announce he completed his Master’s of Science in Software Engineering from the University of St. Thomas this past spring. We celebrated with a riverboat cruise down the Mississippi. Not one to sit idle, he already started volunteering at the Jackson Street Roundhouse restoring train cars, and is studying for a Ham radio technician license by the time he renews his MetroSKYWARN weather spotter training this coming spring.

  2. Amy was asked to attend the STAARS Banquet. Each year seniors in the top of their class are invited to a formal banquet and are asked to invite his/her most influential teacher throughout their educational career. One of Amy’s former fifth grade students chose her! How awesome is that?! It was a fabulous night and quite an honor.

  3. Amy kept E. at home with her the entire summer. They had a lot of fun together at the lake, swimming at the pool, playing outdoors, and with E.’s best friend, C. It was a summer filled with great memories and lots of fun!

  4. E. began preschool at our church. Grams gets him there three days a week for a few hours in the morning. He loves it! It is amazing to us at how much he’s learning. Thankfully those ABC’s are coming along, as he begins kindergarten next year!

  5. We put our townhouse up for sale the end of August, got an offer 2 weeks later, and moved October 20th! Our new home is only a mile away from our old one and was just built this summer. We absolutely love it and have been keeping very busy organizing and making home improvements. Each day we feel more settled.

What blessings did 2011 bring you? We look forward to hearing from you. May this letter find you and your family full of happiness, good health, and the Christmas spirit.

The Kluck Family

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