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Lay down

We got back from the lake tonight, E had his bath, a late night snack of grilled cheese and finally headed to bed around 10:15pm. Considering the excitement of the last few days of being at the lake, the amount of energy he had stored from his early mid-day nap (he had burned his finger in the fire earlier so he took an early nap to re-coup) and a 3 hour car ride, we were lucky to get him down before 11.

Well, we did our nightly ritual of laying down with him in bed and reading 3 books by flashlight. Tonight the reading selection was Brown Bear Brown Bear, When I am Big, and Baby Elmo So Big. After the final book was done, I closed it, turned off the flashlight and laid there with my head propped up on my arm.

E had snuggled in, opened his eyes, and grabbed my hand. He then whispered something. I asked him what, and the then patted the pillow where my head would be and said "lay down." Apparently me lying there with my head propped up was making him nervous, so I laid down, and he quickly drifted to sleep.

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