Kluck Family

Where to start?

Once you get out of the habit of something, it kind of feels like getting back into it seems like a lot of work. And then when you think about starting again, you have so much to catch up on that it overwhelms you.

Well, that's what happened with this blog. And the pics. So, instead of catching up, I'm just going to clear the slate and give a few updates.

E communicates quite well now, with one or two words, but it gets him by. He is a real help around the house especially at dinner when he hands out plates and silverware and makes sure everyone has food on their plate. If he notices I don't have a particular food, he grabs the serving spoon, says the food name, and offers it to me. He doesn't quite get that I don't like all foods.

P.S. All of our pictures are now either on Walgreens or in Facebook. So, if you want to view them or receive updates, either send me your E-mail and I will add you to the picture notification in Walgreens (you will need to create an account I think) or befriend me in Facebook.

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