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New Phrases

Well, E's vocabulary is growing every day and he is now adding common phrases like "Help Me" and "I don't like that." Yes, that's right, a four word phrase. He has also now mastered "I like that."

We don't know when he learned "I don't like that" but we heard it soon after the Halloween decorations came out. He repeated it over and over again, and we almost didn't know what he was saying. Never before had he repeated so many sounds again and again. But we knew he thought he was certainly saying something. The closest we could figure out, at the time, was "I don't like that" because he used it as he pointed to a Halloween decoration that frightened him. Soon he was using it for any decoration that frightened him at home and in the stores and by the second day we confirmed that it was the correct phrase.

It wasn't that the phrase needed quite a bit of imagination and stretch to understand, we just weren't ready for four words (five, I guess, if you count the contraction as two). And given that don't comes out "don'kt," getting not just one, but four "just-a-little-off" words together, can be deceiving.

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