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First Steps

Last night after trying to teach our little guy to "roll over," Amy was allowing him to stand up (with her help) and he decided to come over to me, by taking a few steps! Amy was holding him up, but he was putting one foot in front of the other all by himself!

I had to go get the camera for this!


On his second attempt (first attempt on the video) he didn't start out to quickly as he kept wanting to move only his left foot. His third attempt (second attempt on the video) got him walking a little smoother.

All the while he had his eye on the prize with his little tongue sticking out as if it was going to get him farther.

He's been able to stand with his own strength now for a while as long as he has two hands holding him. He's been doing squats since three months. And he can kick hard. It hurts daddy's rib cage when I lie next to him!

Also, last night he was also able to stand leaning against mommy without her holding on to him (but she was ready if needed).

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