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Unexpected Visitor

Since Christmas is past, you can figure out that Santa was not our unexpected visitor, and the fact that we are expecting a baby tells you that the baby wasn't the unannounced visitor either.

The day was memorable though. All I set out to do today was do dishes and maybe work in a temporary workshop in the garage creating bookends for the baby. (He's amassed quite a few books already!) As it turns out, I broke more dishes than I cleaned, and I never started on the bookends. But I did spend most of my day in the garage.

So I broke a glass baster while scrubbing it, and then, while drying wine glasses (used for dinner when my sister and her boyfriend were over) the dishes in the drying sink shifted and broke two glasses. We are now down to 3 wine classes out of the 8 we started out with when we got married two and a half years ago. That's an average of breaking one every six months.

That got me to wondering if there was a saying or superstition about breaking glass when you are expecting a baby.

As for the unexpected visitor, when I went out to bring in the recycling bin from today's pick-up, I had quite the surprise. The recyclers threw the bin back into our yard upside down, where a mouse had decided to make a little home for himself. When I picked up the bin I jumped back, screamed a bad word, and he took off--up the driveway and towards the house. I saw him move to the right towards our porch, but when he made a turn to our open garage door, I screamed, "No! Not in there!" but it was too late. I saw him go behind a bunch of storage tubs and knew it wasn't going to be fun getting him out of there.

Needless to say, I spent the entire afternoon and part of the evening cleaning out the garage. I saw him once again, near the garage door, but as I tried to sweep him out with the broom, he scurried back to a hiding spot in the wall. It seems that there are large gaps between the floor and wall board, ideal for mice.

The abundance of items on the floor against the wall is also ideal for the rodents, so I installed one of the extra shelves we have and put a lot of loose items up off the floor and spaced the bins out so that there are gaps between them. I also decided not to place anything in the corners. It now makes it easy to watch him scurry along the wall, which worked well for the time I saw him.

I haven't seen him again, but we have some traps set and hopefully catch him soon so that our minds may be at rest.

So, is there a superstition about breaking 2 wine classes (a total of three glass objects) and having a mouse in your garage? Does this mean good luck for the arrival of baby?

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