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Unexpected Visitor

Since Christmas is past, you can figure out that Santa was not our unexpected visitor, and the fact that we are expecting a baby tells you that the baby wasn't the unannounced visitor either. The day was memorable though. All I set out to do today wa

D-day weekend approaching

The predicted delivery day is approaching. We have no idea as to whether he will come out on Sunday or not. We do have a doctor's appointment set for Monday early morning and they will perform a Non-Stress Test to see how the baby does. Other than th

Vacation Day

Little guy didn't sleep last night (literally) either Amy or I was up for hours with him trying to entertain him or rock him to sleep. He never slept. Amy did most of the work though, and drained the batteries in the swing. I got really frustrated la

Time Capsule

When installing our flag around Memorial Day I found out our porch pillar was hollow, perfect for a time capsule. This past weekend we completed getting things together for it and I put it inside the pillar ready for the year 2042. I made sure to sep