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Nursery Finally Cleaned Out

We have finally cleaned out the nursery. All that remains is baby’s stuff and some networking components. Anyone need some cables, a rack mount hub or switch? I’ll probably eBay them all as one since they didn’t sell individually last time.

I have half the closet complete. We are trying to buy supplies little by little as we put money away for Amy’s time off next spring since she is extending her maternity leave, a portion of which is unpaid. It is so nice to finally see the room coming together. I snapped a few pictures to share and posted them online. It looks a little empty compared to the other rooms around the house containing the displaced desks and office supplies.

Right now my desk area is a little messy with papers and supplies I need to go through sometime over the next few weeks. That mess didn’t stop me from putting up a counter that displays the number of seconds until baby’s arrival! Similar to the one that counted down for our wedding (and now counts forward the number of seconds we’ve been married) this one is set to midnight January 7th, the estimated date (date and time may change). This count down is one better as the majority of people are worried about the number of days, so I’ve displayed that too (precise to 6 decimal places of course)!

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