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3 Quotes Today

E was putting on his shirt this morning and came to me saying it was broken. I glanced over the buttons and they were all there.

"It's not broken," I said.

"Yes it is, look." He lifted up the side showing me the triangular cut where the seam ends at the bottom of the shirt.

"E, all polo shirts have that at the bottom."

Later, as I was putting on my belt, he pointed to a worn crack in it. "Daddy, why does that have a crack in it?"

"Because it's old and worn," I replied. "I will need to ask for a new one for my birthday or Christmas."

"Oh." He started down the stairs. As he continued walking he said, "I will ask Santa for you."

Later, as we where headed to the store, he asked if cars could get snow on them. Amy replied that they can have rain and snow on them because they have a special coat of paint.

He looked out the car window and shook his head. "I don't see a coat."

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