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He's a moving!

Labor Day weekend up at the lake was more work than rest. E is scooting all over the place, and man is he quick! He is so determined that when he gets a destination in his mind there is no stopping him and he will try and try again to get there no matter how many times you pull him back and put him in the center of his play area.

The day care sent home a note saying he and his friends eagerly try to escape the play area. I don't know if he is a bad influence on them, or vice versa.

Today when I came home he was playing by Amy and as soon as he saw me walk in the door he started scooting towards me with a big grin. We met each other half way.

Now comes the task to childproofing our house. I already had the door knobs childproofed before he was born, just so that we could get used to it. It is already second nature. (Great for an emergency) I went to the cabinet to get the other childproofing items, specifically the electrical outlet covers, but found none. We'll have to make a trip out. We have cabinet lockers and door lockers. We kind of went at this backwards.

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