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Likes and Dislikes!

I thought I'd take the time to rattle off some of E's likes and dislikes. Now that he's 6+ months old, he definitely makes it known what he does and doesn't like! haha


  • Sweet potatoes
  • bananas
  • peaches
  • pears
  • applesauce
  • cereal mixed with fruit
  • sleeping on his tummy
  • rolling over from his back to tummy
  • daddy's silly belly laughs
  • mommy's funny noises
  • water bottles (I even let him drink from one a few times. He thinks he's pretty hot stuff.)
  • toys
  • putting everything in his mouth
  • falling asleep in his swing
  • grandma and grandpa's dog, Kirby
  • walks in the stroller (as long as the stroller is moving...doesn't like to sit in stroller without movement)
  • being talked to
  • his Jumparoo
  • his exersaucer
  • bath time (can't wait to take him swimming!)
  • being outside
  • smiling
  • being sung to...especially when there's actions
  • playing peek-a-boo
  • familiar faces, voices, and places
  • getting pictures taken...he's a little model in training
  • the noise of water running
  • going for car rides...unless he's hungry
  • the telephone...he smiles and reaches for the phone if he recognizes the voice
  • watching tv (we really have to shield him from this. He's already drawn)
  • being scared by daddy (Chad is determined to teach E not to be a "fradie cat" (spelling?)


  • green beans (will eat a few bites but then seals his lips shut. I hear that this is common)
  • diaper changes without any toys or if he's really hungry
  • unfamilar faces and voices
  • going to see the doctor for shots
  • the loud noises of motorcycles
  • teething...it hurts! (He now has two teeth...they are both on the bottom. The second one is just poking through the gums but the first is very visible. No more toothless smile!)

As you can see, we are very lucky to have such a happy little boy! Let's hope he stays as content as he is now. His smiles and laughs brighten our days.

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