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He's found his thumb!

Whether Chad and I like it or not, our little guy has found his thumb! He's been sucking on his fist for quite awhile now, but hasn't managed to find his thumb consistently. However, the last few days he has successfully managed to find his thumb, pop it in his mouth, and smile away whenever he so chooses. I used to pull it out, stick the Nuk in, and hope he'd use that instead but after realizing that the little guy was going to spit the Nuk out and pop the thumb back in, I give up. We'll let him be...for the time being. :)

He has also discovered that his hand can grab onto his clothes too! So now, instead of just grabbing my hair or clothes, he has begun to grab his own clothes. This is how it goes. Using his left hand he grabs his clothes and his right hand he sucks his thumb. Hmm...I wonder if he'll be left handed, right handed, or both?? The verdict is still out.

I've also noticed that within the last few days he has begun to talk so much more! It seems to know what he's saying, so we imitate his sounds and boy does he get excited. He squeals and kicks his arms and legs about. It's no wonder he can support ALL of his body weight using his legs already! He gives himself a workout!

I just love the little guy...

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