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Oh to be a kid again...

I just got done reading Chad's blog about "E's" first real bath, and I noticed he forgot to mention something! E loved it!!! He was busy splashing and kicking in the water all the while having a big grin on his face. He never once cried, which I thought he was going to do being this was his first immersion in water since being born. I can't help but wonder if he felt like he was back in my womb...safe and sound.

Giving him a bath reminded me of what fun I had in the tub as a kid. I loved bath time! I remember that we had a cabinet full of bath toys in the bathroom that I would fully empty during my baths. I also remember getting sponge letters wet and sticking them on the walls of the tub. What fun memories that I had forgotten all about! It makes me so excited for Easter, Christmas, the Tooth Fairy visits, and all of that fun kid stuff! :) "E" is going to help me live life through the eyes of a kid again...

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