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Sex of the Baby Part II

So apparently we did the whole pencil thing wrong. Patricia at work told me of a sure fire way to determine not just the current bun in the oven, but also how many children you will have and their birth order. We tried it on six of us at work, several times each, and it came out correct for three of them. The other three (me included) don’t have children yet so there is nothing to compare it to. As I said, we tried it several times on each of us, and it never changed. I tried it on myself when I got home three times, and it was exactly the same. I then tried it on Amy twice and it matched up with the prediction I will get to in a moment.

First, you thread a needle. Then you take your left hand and hold it out, palm up (it has to be your left because your left hand tells your future and your right hand tells your past—don’t worry, I’m not getting weird here, this is just what I was told).

Make sure your thumb and pointer finger are spread apart, because you will need to dangle the needle and dip it between them three times. Then you dangle the needle above your palm and wait. It won’t take too long and it will start to swing. Circle for a girl, straight for a boy. After it has a defined path, dip the needle between your spread out thumb and pointer finger three times again and do the process over again. Doing this over and over will give the birth order of your children. If, while the needle is dangling over your palm, it comes to a dead stop, no more children will follow.

Every time it was done to me, by different people it came out the same. Every time I did it to Amy it came out the same. 2 kids, first a girl, and then a boy.

So, if you are keeping track, so far we have 2 methods that say it will be a girl, and one method that says it will be a boy this time.

We'll see which methods are right hopefully this September and let you know.

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